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Hydrometric Data

Welcome to EPA HydroNet - On-Line Hydrometric Data provided by the Environmental Protection Agency


The EPA HydroNet site provides you with access to summary hydrometric data that has been collected at the network of Local Authorities' hydrometric stations and processed by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). If you require data on a station that is not available on this web site but the station is maintained by the Office of Public Works, please contact the OPW at the following link: http://www.opw.ie/hydro/index.asp

A range of hydrometric data types is available, including water levels, flows and summary statistics, available from over 200 locations on rivers and lakes around the Republic of Ireland where local authorities have been collecting water level data from the 1970's. In addition, data is also provided for a small number of hydrometric stations either

  1. previously operated by the Electricity Supply Board and which are now maintained by the relevant local authority in which the hydrometric station was located or
  2. where the station is no longer required, has been closed down and the records have been processed for the period of record.

It is important that you read all of the notes provided below. Having read the information provided, you may then proceed to viewing and downloading the data.

To help us to continue to improve the quality and standard of the service, or if you have any queries or comments concerning the use of the site or the data provided, please contact the Hydrometric and Groundwater Section, EPA, McCumiskey House, Clonskeagh, Dublin 14, telephone on: 01- 2680136/ 2680138.


The user is presented with an option to select a River Basin District.  The user can then choose to select the list of stations in that River Basin District or on a map showing the location of the stations in the River Basin District.  By selecting the station symbol on the map or by clicking on the station name in the list of stations, the user will be brought to the web page for that station.  This page provides the user with summary details of the station, the data parameter available for the station (water level or flow), the instantaneous data for the last three months, daily mean data for the last year and daily mean data for the period of record are presented in graphical form.  For obsolete stations, data is presented for the period of record.  The user can then select to download the data into a Microsoft Excel file format. 


The Environmental Protection Agency Act 1992 requires the EPA, after consultation, to prepare a national programme for the collection, analysis and distribution of surface water quanity data. This programme is carried out with cooperation between the organisations listed in the topic box.: 

The EPA reviews the hydrometric requirements with each local authority, with each River Basin District and, at national hydrological meetings, with the other hydrological agencies, to review and discuss aspects of the hydrometric programme. This ensures that all requirements are met in the provision of an efficient service to the various local authorities, government agencies, consultants, private industry and the public.

The EPA also maintains the Register of Hydrometric Stations In Ireland.  

The EPA collects and processes the data for the Local Authority hydrometric network. These data are available by contacting the Water Data Unit. (Tel: 00353 (0) 1 2680136/2680138).

Use of the data on this website is subject to the conditions of use.

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